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Good-Bye or a New Beginning

What an amazing journey this last eight weeks has been through the guidance of Datta Kaur and Michelle.  I realize the more I learn the less I realize I really know.  I processed so much new information and applied so many new skills that I am truly exhausted tonight as I craft my final post.  I am so glad I forced myself to reflect and remember key points through the past weeks because right now I am simply drained.

As I try to force myself to identify just ONE last thought on this course to focus my final blog post, I really come back to those in my course with me–Marie, Gail, Dave, Ruth, and Liz.  There was something different for me in this small class than all the others in this certificate program, and my entire master’s program.  I truly have taken away more because of this community of learners.  They have challenged my thinking, expanded my technology tool kit, introduced me to new concepts, prepared my brain for the final project, offered kind words at just the right time, and became my friend.  That is pretty powerful for six people who have only ever met in this virtual world of learning.

Thank you, All.


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