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Pre-Assessment Survey

ImageThis week I explored survey tools to create a pre-course survey.  After reviewing Survey Monkey, I chose Google Forms, instead.

Google forms is a  web 2.0 tool that is part of Google Docs.  This free tool allows the user to create a professional looking survey  that records the results directly into a spreadsheet. It allows the user to analyze, publish, and even export the results using Excel.

Google forms allows the user to quickly build a quiz or survey using several different question types.  These include the following:

  1. Text, for short answers;
  2. Paragraph text, for essay-length responses;
  3. Multiple choice, where one response from many may be selected;
  4. Check boxes, where multiple items may be selected;
  5. Choose from a list (useful for demographic category questions, for example);
  6. Scale, for ranking items from 0 to 10; and
  7. Grid, for providing a response from 1 to 5.

The following is the link to my survey for my workplace learners.

Welcome To Training Survey

ImageThe use of Google Forms provides many strengths for my use in the workplace.  The biggest plus over other free survey tools is that it is more professional looking and allows more than 10 questions.  Along with that, there is no cost for any of the features.  Other strengths include that I can share the form via email, embed into a webpage (just not WordPress- a negative of this blog), or place into a blog for my learners to have access.  Then my learners can access that form through email, published webpage, or embedded on a site.  That works great in our workplace since we do not have LMS to house materials and course materials as in education   Lastly, I like that I can still write formulas to automatically correct a quiz if I use the tool in that manner.

ImageAlthough I do think the positives of the tool outweigh the negative, I see two challenges with Google From.  First, I am unable to send to a student a corrected form; however, the addition of Flubaroo will correct that issue.  This is another free web 2.0 tool that grades without having to write the formulas and then has a feature to send a correct quiz to a learner.  The second downside to the tool is that it does not allow skip logic for question sequencing.  It would be great if the if-then programming was in place so if a learner got a question correct it took you to a specific question and likewise if a learner got a question wrong it took you to a specific question.  This is a desired feature for me to personalize the learning journey and focus on the relevant content for the learner.

You want to learn more about using Google Forms for education or the workplace, check out this link or watch the following video.

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